Monday, 5 December 2011


salam.. is kind of late to update about this but better late than never.i just want to remind myself and all of you that anything can happen to us anywhere and anytime. we cant avoid it. be happy for who you are and always remember Him because He is the only one who can help us when we are alone.

al-fatihah untuk allahyarhamah Rara Zikry or her real name is Zarith Nadhira bt Zikry. She is not a selebrity or sport person or a well known people but once her news appear on the NTV7, everyone start to talk about her. She is just a normal girl who suffer from asthma attack when she was cycling with her friends. Oxygen cant get through her brain and result her for coma more than a year. here are some article about
her :

     Rara Zikry atau Zarith Nadhira binti Mohamad Zikri.Mungkin ramai dah tahu kisah dia.Cantik dan sempurna ciptaan Allah ini.Tapi dalam waktu yang singkat disebabkan serangan asma,hidup beliau terus bertukar 360 darjah.Siapa dapat menyangkal kuasa Allah bila menetapkan sesuatu untuk terjadi?Bila tiba saati itu,kita tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa,tentu ada rahmatnya.Yakin dan percayalah.
On 19th of March 2010, Zarith Nadhira went into coma for 2 months due to a mild asthma. Initially she was admitted at Darul Ehsan Medical Centre Shah Alam, subsequently referred to Subang Jaya Medical Centre, was admitted in ICU. Alhamdulillah she woke up from coma but was unable to speak or communicate with her parents, relatives & friends. She needs to be fed through a tube at her lower abdomen.

al-fatihah for her......

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