Saturday, 24 December 2011

: waiting

salam..currently im waiting for someone to fetch me.hehe.who is it?
ngee~my aunt, my uncle and also my two sweet cousins.hmmm.haha

well, yesterday was a close book day.we end the semester with finance test last night.
the test was alhamdulilah, fine..hopefully i can score.i can do the test but a bit kacau here and there.
but i still manage to do it well.

ok, back to my story above, im waiting for them to come, as we will go to a kenduri first before head to A'Famosa Resort.(ok, sumpah ak seronok.tambah pulak semlm last day of the class before final.)

another story is that, my mom and dad is coming too.!and also my two sweet adorable sisters!haha..its been a long time since we gathered together..yeayyyy,seriously, this is the best semester ever.because i had chance to meet them more and more..( ari tu da dtg, then lepas tu dtg lg, ni dtg lg.untunglaa kg kat cni)

its a good that i transferred to Malacca!( recently realise).

ok, i cant help myself to write more. im feeling too excited beside im doing my consumer behavior report while waiting for them.ngeeeee~ok, i know it is not the time for to me to have extra enjoyment..but just like the word sounds 'ada ak keysahhh?' doing the report okkay plus blogging at the same time.(gile multitasking)

ok, stop here.i'll write again.stay cool everyone and take care of urself!.cau cin cau.!

p/s- my report still an empty report!weeee~

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