Thursday, 29 November 2012

: the end of november

salam..janji selalu tak ditepati kan..haha..nk update tp xupdate2 jugak..its end of november la kamu-kamu semua..sekejap je masa kan..november is quite a remembered month for should everyone..

on 27th november, genap arwah mak teh pergi sebulan..i was not in a good mood on that day..

entahla kenapa, sebab asyik teringat-ingat something..why me?most of all xde orang lain ke?..well, things happened and should not be told..

since mid term break kerap pulak balik sini..things happened and it cant be changed..i've tried my best and maybe it is just not good enough compared to what i did..i admit it..

 teman nisa, teman pak teh..tolong kemas sana sikit sini sikit..well, i can see how realived pak teh is when i was around..he keep smiling and have someone to be friend least until nisa is here before she went back to Puncak Alam this weekend..after this, where would i be?hmm, back in hostel..

last weekend also was a enjoyable weekend..i was able to meet my family..big smile from me..thanks everyone..we play that we play this..we do that we do this..walaupun macam terpaksa ulang alik gak negeri sembilan plus melaka tu but its okay ayah kan ada nak teman..yang tu tak dak..yang ni tak dak..hehe.thanks ayah..and plus the kenduri..hmm, fun to have everyone gathered around..all the relative..well,this semester macam berat belah ibu pulak..haha..rindu pulak kat tok..:( another two weeks okay ibu..:)..

and also kak..i know how strong you are and how much effort you put to be strongest among your siblings but things will remain unchanged if you dont want it..put your faith kak and everything will be you!sorry sebab tak dak dengan hang..:(

now i know how hard to be alone..but yet still smiling and never lost hope..walaupun tak biasa iili but move on..impian kejayaan tak dicapai lagi..banyak lagi benda menanti..dugaan yang diri sendiri cari..penyakit yang diri sendiri cari jugak..mengikut have people around you but yet you do not appreciate it..

my ibu is the best yet is the greatest of all..she can be anything and is good hiding her weakness..but im her daughter, u never hide it from me..:( look strong ibu but yet you are shaking..and nervous kan..i cant control my face at the moment because lots of thing happened and i keep on thinking..what will happen, how is it will look like..i cant never imagine if one day i wake up and things are not remain as before..Ya me and make me strong to face all this..

another thing is Along..susah hati sangat-sangat..where are you along?ibu ayah semua cari..all the relative also..sana ko xdak..sini pon ko xdak..angah pergi cari pon xdak..ayah ibu semua cari..just be home and tell us what happen..ibu n ayah xde nak marah..kalau marah pon sekejap ja..angah kan ada nak backup..every single day i tried to contact with you..but you dont return my call, dont reply me text..why?kalau ad masalah cakap..things bole organized balik boleh settle..risau along sangat risau..banyak benda jadi sekarang..

the date is near along. u better come home..angah realise you do update with my blog, when i say date, u should know it right..everyone have to be there..

that is the story of november..december is approaching and finally the end..berkilo-kilo kerja and kena siap kena buat cepat-cepat supaya ada masa nak berfikir dan tenangkan hati..

p/s-and you, its been three weeks kan..just do not come near..and please..stay away..

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