Sunday, 18 November 2012

: hopefully

yet..banyak draft entry yang tak terpublish..mampu tulis tapi tak mampu nak publish..belum cukup kuat lagi..

yet jugak..hmm, cuti yang boleh dikatakan tenang..everything silent..silent sempat nak tengok blog hari ni plus hp..tapi still tak mampu nak bukak laman yang lain..kenapa??hmm, tak mampu..ngeeeee

well, hope to stay close with the blog as it helps to recover the feeling a lot..ngeeee
gonna be regular update lepas ni..insyaAllah..hopefully..:)

i love everyone..every single one that know me..
hardly believe that i make mistake and cannot change everything back to normal..
why?only because of mistake and my totally silly and stupid mistake..
although im changed but it just not good enough because the thing had happened..

guide me ALLAH fior everything..i live under Your blessed and guidance and do'a from every single person that pray for me..

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