Thursday, 18 July 2013

: pantai puteri


the story happened three weeks ago, maybe a month ago..i cant remember anymore..haha..but yayasan melaka organized karnival kaki pancing where all the contestant from all around malaysia..yes!im not, since i finished my practical there, my sweet adorable officemate insist for me to come and replace her to do some job as she want to date with her boyfie!!come on aisyahh!!haha

but i did go..hehhh..because the work pays with money..heee..dats the real reason..besides, miza gonna be there to accompany me..i go there with busu around 11 p.m..yesss, night..the registration start at 6 p.m. the reason why we start early because there will be other contestant from other state..from terengganu, kelantan, pahang, selangor, kedah and so on..kannnn..the registration counter never stop with people..there are still people come to register at 3 a.m, 4 a.m and also subuh..well, the sooner you come, you may choose good spot to pancing..thats the trick..besides the prizes are beyond words!

rm 60'000, rm 60'000, rm 60'000 and so on..motorcycle..proton viva!!
uishh sapa yang tak mauu kannn!

but, since i have to incharge for timbang ikan, my duty are not even start yet!
sooo, as i arrived there, i saw miza..we winked to each other anddddddd hahahhaha lets go to pahlawan walk!!! weeeheeee

we back to pantai puteri around 2 a.m kot..i cant remember, we help at the registration counter..

 look at my face!a bit like meroyann!
super duper tired and sleepyy!
but still did not sleep..huwaarghhh
im doing the night shift FOR FUN!
haha..over rajin there!

until 7 a.m..
i stop for subuh and sleep at the chalet provided!
until 10 o'clock!
get ready!be ready!be beautiful and continue the pancing-pancing event!
i told before my job is to timbang kann..
somebody doing the job!hehhh
but the payment still on behalf of me hokeyhh!

in the meantime!

still awake during subuh!

 thats it!
enough with pancing!
and payment already spent!

p/s- ko memang iili, gambar yang cantek, gambar yang gatal-gatal sume ko besarkannn!kannnn zzzzzzzzz

p/s- dont say i didn't change my cloth okeyh!i changed the shirt but not the cardigan not the jeans not the              tudung and not the anak tudung!heeeeeee

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