Tuesday, 5 November 2013

maal hijrah..new chapter begin!



hmmm, dari mana kita nak mula eh?hmmm

i do want to update and keep writing in the blog but its all about time..i dont have time to write..im busy with work..

tender, meeting with client, supplier, deal with project.well, that is my job..site visit, quotation, report from every project and site, its all under me for every month..company image, it is my responsibility..having late night at the office(for tender,obviously)..i work with developing company, we are starting to build our name, to show to people who we are..the work is double and most of the time is triple..when i came home, the only thing i care is my pillow..only god knows how much i need rest so badly..and also, im working on Saturday, every Saturday okkay(half day je la pon).but my half day pon is not till one..i have to stay back at least till two to make sure every single work for the week cleared..hahh..huhh.do not be pressure..haha

i am pressuring myself and expressing myself, to talk about everything thing that i gone through at the moment..saje nak meluahkan perasaan..saje nak memenatkan diri pikir pasal keja lagi time2 cuti aman sentosa macam ni..bole la kan macam ni..aci x?haha

kebetulan hari ni Maal Hijrah..jadi mari kita mulakan semua yang baru..mau dak?alhamdulilah..another year begin..and another new me born..sekarang diri sendiri rasa macam dah matang sikit..kalau dulu lalang..now lalang yang follow kite tau..haha.perasan..

being in the working area teach u so many things..hateness is larger than before..the world is cruel and do not wait for us..we have to catch the world to prove that we should be apart to live in the world..tak caya?cuba try..kena maki, kena marah, kerja tak jalan..past three month ive been crawling to look into the new world..and alhamdulilah, everything hit me well..accept for one thing, i miss the tender(nightmare and disaster gila)..that is when i fall and then i rise up to make sure that the thing will not happen again..so far, alhamdulillah..

be positive and have strong determination is the trick to be success..close your eyes and everything will happened..keep it still..

that is how i believe..when we already set the goal, we will see opportunity at everywhere we go..that is the key and it is what i've been holding from the moment i start to see the real world..

learn not to depends on others..stand on my own feet..dulu aku sangat tak suka kalau kena pegi mana-mana pon sorang..i hate for being left alone..i close with everyone, friend with everyone..make many friends and have lots of friends..and friends remain friends..

korang bayangkan macam mana jauhnya aku berubah sekarang..weekend, i spending my time alone..boring kat rumah pegi merayau kat hutan botanikal sana..pegi joging sana..sampai jumpa mamat tough set deal joging sekali(everytime)..haha..ok, yang ni sensored sket..but friend remain friend(pesan ibu di ingatan):)

i shop all by myself, pegi makan pon sorang-sorang sampai tetiba tiap2 kali pegi terjumpa orang ni orang tu..sudahnya dok buat modal sembang cik kiah kat meja makan..pas tu bye bye, jalan-jalan jumpa lak orang lain..buat borak cik kiah lagi kat depan kedai orang..masa habis macam tu ja..

try to live all by yourself and u will appreciate things more..i am proud with my independentness because it keeps motivated me..except when my car kena masuk bengkel la kann..adoii, memang patah kaki..tak bergerak langsung..duk umah ja..

past teach me a lot..for me past is nightmare..to me, to my family..i dont simply trust others anymore..that is what my boss always teach me..world is bad, so we have to be bad..well, bad in a good way..jangan jadi lembut or else orang akan pijak kita..even kita kecik, tapi kalau  jadi jahat sket, we will win..again(bad in a good way)

why i write and talk about all this?because ive changed..im not the old me anymore..i live for my own happiness..for my family bright future..i cannot change people perception on me but i can change myself from good to better..from worst to best..asalkan semua itu diredha Allah and dibawah restu ibu dan ayah..and also my sweet grandmother..she always tell me to take care of myself..duduk tempat orang, jangan jadi lalang, jangan sesat and jangan ikot orang..kalau kita baik, orang akan datang..jaga diri, jaga perangai..its all matters..

maal hijrah, awal tahun hanya sekali dalam setahun..semua orang ada azam but will it come true..you never know until u set it for yourself..plus i am graduating..hope more to come after this..and to ibu ayah, i know this is the only present that both of you want so far..and how much both of you want to see me climb on the stage, stand on the stage with a scroll..after all happened, we know that there will be no wet tissue and sad episode for us anymore..insyaAllah..

sekarang nak cari duit banyak-banyak..many more to come..banyak lagi impian tak tercapai..be bad and be good at the same time..trust your dreams and chase the times..

family, money, success, dreams, friends and love is all you need..
and solat,do'a, zikir janganlah tinggal..
there will be time when you are down, these three things will keep u awake..practice it and you will see rainbows hiding behind the walls..

salam maal hijrah and make improvement on yourself..


Azira Khairudin said...

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Azira Khairudin said...

Salam maal hijrah :D Maaf ganggu, jom join GA ni :) 1K Giveaway By Cik Arnab Terima kasih ^^